Thankful Heart

{Caden(5) and Finley (2)}
It is with a thankful heart that I write my post today. I am sitting at my store and realizing that in this time of Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be grateful for. This year has been a year of many ups and downs but the Lord is teaching me to be thankful in the midst of any obstacle or victory in my life. The key for me is to concentrate on the little things that I take for granted. Here is my list that I have had on my heart..

1) Thankful for my husband who is a huge support in my life. Without him, NONE of this could happen. He is a husband, dad, mom, cook, cleaner, laundry finisher, store owner, tech support and engineer all in one. 

{Celebrating 10 years in January}

 2) Thankful for HEALTHY children that are amazing to me. I LOVE every second with them and think that God gave me the exact children I needed to mother. Caden is my first born and little boy that tells me sometimes the correct way to behave:) He is a little cuddler and loves his mommy. AND Miss Finley is a joy to be around and soooo sweet. She is a sunshine in my life and my little girl.

3) Thankful for my MOM and Dad. They have blessed me with this opportunity to have this precious store. What many of you don't know is my dad fronted all the money to start this store 8 years ago. I know in my heart that I will repay him for generosity but I don't tell him enough in the ups and downs of running my own business that I love it every day!! Secondly, my mom works at Beach Bungalow 5 days a week and helps me with my kids FOR FREE. A gift that is beyond words.. Never know how to tell her thank you. She is my best friend enough said:)

4) Thankful for special friends and extended family. It is rare to feel like you are always surrounded by people that love you. I have many friends that I am grateful for that I count on for laughter, tears and heartfelt conversations. You know who you are and what you mean to me. My brother, sister-in-law and my in-laws have been big supporters and I'm grateful for their constant texts, emails and phone calls of encouragement..

5) Thankful for my relationship with the Lord. Grateful that I hear HIS voice in my life and I know that I am walking towards His path for my life. I have felt a huge challenge this year towards helping others. I think big things are ahead and I can't wait share those blessings. My faith is everything to me and I hope those that know me understand that:)

There are many more things that I have been blessed with but this Thanksgiving this is the list that was on my heart. I hope this challenged you to grab some paper and begin on yours. Happy Thanksgiving from the Bungalow!