At Beach Bungalow Designs, we are passionate about creating unique spaces for your baby to teen.  Our philosophy, “Design with Your Child in Mind,” ensures that we help you create a space that both you and your child will love, every time!  Our design services include:

·         Full-Service Custom Room Installations
·         Custom and Designer Bedding (Crib to King)
·         Paint Selection
·         Upholstery
·         Window Treatments
·         Complete Accessorizing (Rugs, Lighting, Artwork, Shelving, etc.)
·         Custom-Built Furniture
·         Wall Murals

Superior customer service is of the upmost importance at Beach Bungalow Designs, and we take pride in putting our clients first.  In an effort to best address our clients’ unique needs, we offer two alternative approaches to our custom design services:

In-Home Design Service
Our in-home design service was created for those clients looking to take advantage of our full-service custom room installations and has since become a way for busy and working Moms to simplify their lives.  The way this process works is as follows:
1) We will visit your home for the initial consultation
2) We will measure the room(s) for window treatments and furniture layouts
3) A member of our team will be present to take photos of the room for documentation purposes
4) We will set up a follow up appointment in the store to make a formal presentation of your proposed design

In-Store Design Service
Our in-store design service offers clients a one-stop easy solution to their design needs.  The way this process works is as follows:
1) Client provides Beach Bungalow Designs with an outline of their preferred design needs to include color scheme, style and any desired furniture or accessories and sets up an in-store consultation
2) During our appointment, we will present our design suggestions to include 30-40 fabrics that match the style and color scheme of the room(s) as well as address your furniture and/or accessory needs

As with both of our design approaches, once a client makes their final selections and signs off on the design, a 50% deposit is required.  Upon completion of the design, the remaining balance is due. 

Our typical turnaround time is between 10 -12 weeks. 

Consultation Packages
In-Home Consultation Fee: $125*
In-Store Consultation Fee: $100*
Product Shopping Fee: $100
Paint Selection Fee: $90/hour

*This fee is based on a per room charge