The Cake Lady: A-Tisket, A-Tasket, It's an Easter Basket!

I'm so excited to share another awesome post from my good friend The Cake Lady on decorating Easter cupcakes with your kids.  Cherish all those special memories with your family this weekend. Happy Easter from the Bungalow!! Enjoy!

Easter is such a wonderful time! Everyone enjoys a basket full of goodies! 
Grab some friends, family, or the kiddos and enjoy some quality baking time together! 

Here is a very simple little Easter treat that will brighten up anyone's day!

Items you will need:
Vanilla cupcakes
Vanilla frosting 
Green food coloring
Twizzler sour twists( I found them at Albertson's) or any licorice 
Tooth picks
Jelly beans or chocolate eggs

Dye the frosting green and frost the cupcake. You have the option to hold the knife, flat side down, and pull up quickly to make the frosting spiky (like grass).

Now you will need to cut your Twizzlers in half. You will insert a tooth pick into either end of each Twizzler half.
Now, you will put your eggs in your basket. 5-6 jelly beans fit just right. Finally, take your Twizzler half and insert the tooth pick ends into the cupcake for the handle.

These cupcakes are truly so simple. I had 1st graders, 3rd graders, and 4th graders all make them today at my children's school! They will certainly brighten up any Easter festivities you have planned!