Creative Storage Solutions for your kids!

Storage is usually the first request I get from any client. In fact I hear the same thing over and over.. THERE IS JUST SO MUCH STUFF!! I have 5 cute solutions for you today that are pleasant to the eye and functional.

{ Decor Pad}

 A typical built in bookshelf ,on each side of a window, can provide you with a enormous amount of storage and is a style that your children can grow with. Place a toy box in between the windows for the younger years..add a cushion to the top during the elementary years for reading.. and then place a desk under the window during the pre-teen years.

Create a whole wall of book racks instead of stacking them in a normal bookshelf.have this very problem. I have so many books that my kids can never find the specific one they want to read. This is a great way to display for more reading pleasure. We are actually building something like this currently in a new client's room using rain gutters. ( Pictures to come soon!)

 We all have baskets everywhere but what about building a unit that you can sit on and the baskets fit perfectly underneath and out of the way. I love this idea!! We have turned bookshelves on their sides to make creating this idea easier than building them from scratch!

{Land of Nod}
This might not be that practical if you are short on space BUT I love the idea of a playhouse for your little girl. Later on you can re-paint the wall and utilize for storage as she grows. I wish I had room for this for little Finley!

This is such a different concept. Build everything floating on the wall to utilize your floor space as much as possible. I really think this wall could work for all ages.  It could be book and art storage now and trophy/ text book storage later. 

Good luck conquering your storage problems at your home!! and as always the Bungalow team is here to help!!

Once Upon A Portfolio: Jordyn's Moroccean Dar

{Custom Platform bed by Beach Bungalow Designs}
Once upon a time, there was a little store called Beach Bungalow Designs with 3 little ladies working away. 
One was a wise and beautiful grandma, one was a mommy designer with long blond hair, and one was a very special assistant with a heart of gold..
They all went a decorating in the wonderful fairyland of Flower Hill mall. They waited patiently to work their magic. When along came a mom looking for a very special room for her child. She knocked on the door, and met the three little ladies. With happiness in their hearts, they created a magical room for her sweet child. Here is our selection of the week!!

I love the idea of this room. A low bed like a couch, fun tester over it and a play kitchen to grow with!! My client Nicole came to me wanting to create a space that her daughter could grow but would also work with a playroom.
The bedding is by Serena and Lily and was the inspiration for the whole room. We used their Mosaic Pink and Yellow print fabric for the tester over the bed. We placed a scripted Monogram inside the tester. The bed was a custom built platform so that it was lower to the ground. We then layered the pillows so it would sit more like a couch.

{ Custom Play Kitchen}
We built a custom life- size play kitchen for Jordyn. Lauren painted a mural of a beach scene to make it looked like there was a window over the sink. The bright pink oven was the finishing touch that I think added so much to the room. I would have loved this room as a little girl!!

Newport Cottages: A true family business!


{The Alvarez Family}
I decided to do a special post on Newport Cottages today as they are our vendor of the month. I am absolutely in LOVE with every piece of furniture from Newport. In fact, it is extra special to me that they are a family business just like ours that produces MADE in America quality furniture from baby to teen. I have been using them for over 6 years now and I wanted to share with you 4 of my favorite rooms where their furniture was a highlighted.
We are excited to offer a 5 percent discount on any items of theirs purchased through the end of October!

They offer many different styles and finishes for their wide selection of furniture items. See our design gallery for other styles or visit:
Have a good weekend!

IF Girl or IF Boy..We can do it for you!

{ All Photography by Stacey Bryant Photography}

 This newest project was one of my favorites! When Nena came into the store on day one, I just loved her. She did not only win me over by bringing us delicious home-made treats on several occasions ( HINT HINT:) but she was genuinely so fun to work with. Nena wasn't planning on finding out what she was having so we decorated the room pretty gender neutral. Halfway through the process, we convinced her and her husband Steve to give a note from their doctor on what they were having. The benefit was we could order all the if boy or if girl accessories ahead of time and the room would be complete soon after she had her baby. It is a service we often offer to our clientèle that are having us decorate their whole room. It definitely adds a lot of excitement to the project!

{Gender Reveal from the doctor's office}

Nena decided to go with a light gray and white theme and then accent with pieces in yellow if it was a boy. We went with a Candlelight yellow on the walls and white distressed furniture from Newport Cottages ( who happens to be our vendor of the month! See their blog spotlight for the special offer on their furniture ). 
{Custom Bedding Beach Bungalow Designs}

I used a gray and white damask on the bedding with a simple white linen skirt that had a ruffled banding in gray linenWe highlighted Rhett's name over the crib with a mustard C for their last name and white R and A for Rhett Asher.  Rhett was supposed to be my name if I was a boy so her selection was quite popular with my mom!!

{ Newport Cottages Celine Dresser}

We decided to go with a double wide dresser with just a changing pad on the top. Nena needed the extra storage for the room and wanted a piece that her child could grow with when he was older. We chose a pair of vintage frames for over the dresser that Nena put photos from her maternity shoot in black and white.
{Custom Glider and Ottoman Beach Bungalow Designs}
This is my favorite spot of the whole nursery! I love the chevron print glider which we paired with a yellow and gray mosaic print ottoman. We also added gray and white seersucker stripe valances to the windows. Lauren painted a "Cow Jumped over the moon" canvas for over the chair accenting our gray, white and yellow theme. I really feel that Nena embraced mixing a vintage style with slight touches of modern prints to make a special space for her little Rhett. This is also our first room that our new residential photographer Stacy took the pictures. Lets just say a HUGE improvement over the ones I have been taking for the last 7 years!! Thanks Stacy and welcome to the team!! Nena, Steve and baby Rhett will always hold a special place in my heart. What a blessed little boy to have parents like them!! Many happy wishes and prayers for this precious family from my heart to theirs...


My mom is back once again explaining her second rule of her house that she taught us as kids. I soaked all of this information up for my kids and ironically needed it just today with precious little Finley...

{OK- Well she wasn't always obedient!!}


Who wants to obey rules?? There is just something about rules that makes some of us think they are to break.. There are others that the very thought of breaking a rule goes against everything we know. Webster defines obedience as willing to obey or carry out orders. The key is to help our kids develop willingness! Once they begin to understand the reward from obeying rules they will respond. It's important to reward good behavior by creating reward systems. A good old sticker chart is an easy solution for any reward system and it WORKS!! Tritia uses the sticker chart with Caden for school and it works like a charm but you can also get creative!! One idea  is to create a jar with a saying or scripture verse on it that reminds your child of why they are earning the reward. I would have them sign it like a contract so that they can remember they agreed to the terms! Give a quarter for good behavior earned and take away a quarter for bad behavior. At the end of the week, they have earned the money and can do what they want with it.


Teaching a child obedience is developing a confidence and a skill for them to say no in peer pressure situations. The words because I am your MOM OR DAD just doesn't create a willingness. A freedom is created when your child is obedient on their own, knowing that there is a consequence other than just disappointing Mom and Dad. Teach your children that you can be trusted to have their best interests at heart. If you have created a standard that your children and their friends understand, when they are teenagers it is a powerful protection for them. Lots of children have found themselves doing something they would have never considered because they were never taught the skill of saying NO. The benefit of saying NO to them now teaches them the benefits of saying NO to wrong paths later. I know this sounds a little harsh but it will prove a freedom in your household that you will cherish. Tough love now means SLEEP for you later when teenagers are running around! Who knows anyone who gets all they want or should I say who wants to know them??


I hope you took to heart these words. I know I felt encouraged to continue my journey as a parent teaching my children the importance of obedience. Thanks mom!!

Wall Inspiration for Your Little One

Today's post is on wall inspiration for your little one. I think that the wall accessories in your room are so important and so many people forget to finish off this important element when designing their nursery, toddler's room or teen room. Its a chance to capture the personality of your child in the room.
Here are some fun ideas:

{ Lauren Tarpley Photography}

{ Project Nursery}

Find Letters in different fonts\sizes and frame with the same style frame for a unique look.  You can leave the letters plain or add a painted pattern to create a splash on the wall.

I like the idea of silhouettes of your child over their bed. You can also do a patterned silhouette for a more modern twist.  ( My muralist Lauren suggested this for a client and I loved it!)

Choose multiple color mirrors in different shapes and line them vertically in a small space by a curtain.  It provides a pop color and shows a reflection of the room beyond it.


Pick a theme and display a whole wall of different types of styles in that theme. I love the idea of all the different airplanes above.

{Model A designs}
 Personalize it!! Have your kids join in the decorating fun!! Use their artwork and their hand prints to create unique masterpiece on the wall.

{Minted Artwork}
OR Just find something you fall in love with like this piece. I just think its pefect for Finley's room and it will fit right in with her pink and yellow concept.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your child's room. AND as always the Bungalow is open if you need any help!!

Once Upon A Portfolio

Once upon a time, there was a little store called Beach Bungalow Designs with 3 little ladies working away. 
One was a wise and beautiful grandma, one was a mommy designer with long blond hair, and one was a very special assistant with a heart of gold..
They all went a decorating in the wonderful fairyland of Flower Hill mall. They waited patiently to work their magic. When along came a mom looking for a very special room for her child. She knocked on the door, and met the three little ladies. With happiness in their hearts, they created a magical room for her sweet child. 

A lot of times mom's walk into our store and ask us to create a "dream "room for their child. They want something unique, inspired and usually wish they had when they were young. We have decided to post a couple times a month old rooms that were inspired by clients that came in with a vision for something fantastic.

{AFTER Beach Bungalow Designs}







{Don't forget the Bathroom too!!}

The best part of this room was we got to tear everything out!! New floor, new walls, new furniture.. JUST about everything was stripped away. This child was 4 years old but we wanted something that could grow until he was 16. As with all our designs, we tried to deliver STORAGE STORAGE and more storage with our wall built-ins , desk unit, and under the bunk bed trundle drawers. Even the ottomans, in the above picture, were hallowed out for storage inside. We added in some fun accessories with the wooden fish and wall mounted surf board for our WOW factor. We hope your inspired to go out there and get decorating!!