We're All About Wallpaper!

Try a new trend: wallpaper! 
I love doing a focal wall or a bathroom in a fun wallpaper, You can go bold, or simple and sweet. The impact is well worth it :)
Try wallpaper with a small, creative print to make even the simplest space in your home- eye catching.
Or, find a vibrant design and color you love- and make a bright corner stand out even more. 
More bold and beautiful shapes and colors! 
 Don't be shy about putting an exciting print in a small bathroom. When you choose the right scale and color scheme, bathroom wallpaper can fit perfectly into your space. 
 Sea Grass wallpaper is a favorite of mine. I love how it lends texture, color and a little shine to the room. 
Nurseries are the perfect place to do a focal wall in a cute print. Who knew dinosaurs could be such an amazing design feature? 

 Here are more examples of how the right wallpaper can completely transform your child's nursery.
Notice how the fabric on the pillows in this room perfectly echo the colors of this wallpaper!
Wallpaper comes in so many shapes and sizes, you can find something to complement anything you like. Even this uniquely beautiful daisy accent light!
 One last look at how at a focal wall with just the right wallpaper can complete the look of a child's playroom:)

The opportunities are endless when it comes to wallpaper, but if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, try a custom painted mural! Our muralist, Lauren, can paint anything you like in just the right color for your space.
As always, we are here at the Bungalow to help with all your wallpaper needs!

Light Up Your Life!

A special lighting fixture in the room can add so much to a space. It can be a focal point, or the perfect accent!  Here are a few of my favorites...
 This wonderfully unique chandelier ties in the colors of the room and the beads are a fun touch. 
(Oilo Lighting)
For a more traditional approach, I like the bold, clean lines of this pendant. The stripes would be just the right complement to a navy blue themed boys room.

(Stray Dog Designs)
The unusual shape and awesome color of this globe can add an element of whimsy into any room.
(Stray Dog Designs)
I love polka dots! This shade is a great way incorporate them into your child's room decor.
(Stray Dog Designs)
Even though this light fixture is a little more subtle, the scalloped edges and old fashioned charm add the perfect finishing touches to a room.
(Maura Daniel Lighting)
This fantastic bouquet chandelier will bring year round wonder to a sweet little girls room!

I hope you enjoyed checking out some my favorite lighting fixtures. As always, you can contact us here at the Bungalow and we will help you light up your room!

A Grandmother's Gift: Playful Patterns of Blue & Yellow

When Janelle called me to help design her granddaughter Taylor's room, 
I was so excited!
Janelle is a long-term customer and a wonderful person to work with.
We settled on using blues and yellows with more mature patterns, so that when her granddaughter isn't using the space it can easily be transformed into a guest room.  
(Beach Bungalow  Designs)

(Custom pillows Beach Bungalow Designs)
  Janelle wanted to be sure and include some whimsy into the space, so we added youthful artwork to the room. My favorite is the 'Dress Up, Dance, Giggle, Twirl, Play' canvas. All things a little girl should do!
(Custom canvas by Lauren Heinle)

(Artwork by Oopsy Daisy & detailled by Lauren Heinle)
A comfy room like this isn't complete without a custom glider! We used more fun patterns to really make this special reading corner stand out in the room.
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
The large window seat was a huge design feature, so we decided it needed a bright pop of yellow. We mixed the patterns on the pillows for more of the eclectic moment we had going throughout this room.
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
(Custom pillows Beach Bungalow Designs)
The furniture in the room is by Country Cottage and was custom made to our specifications. This beautiful desk was a definite highlight for me.
(Country Cottage Custom Furniture)

(Country Cottage Furniture)
(Country Cottage Furniture)
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
We left the sign that Janelle wrote for her granddaughter posted up near her bed so that she could see it during nap times. Nothing like a grandmother's love!

 We hope you enjoyed this post! As always we are here at the Bungalow to help with your child's room whenever you need us:)

Beach Bungalow Moves In!

For a while now we have been offering extra design services for long-term clients that involve projects outside of kid's rooms. We are now pleased to offer this as one of our full-time services!

Allow us to help you with anything from general accessorizing, to custom furniture, ready-made furniture recommendations, paint color options, bedding, upholstery, window treatments and wallpaper. We are available!

We work at an hourly fee and can recommend some awesome vendors that we love to partner with:

Professional Organizer 
Christi Ensberg, Simplify With Christi Ensberg

Andrew White, Method Construction

Styling and Home Staging
Keli Wozniak, Seahorse & Stripes

Muraling & Artwork
Lauren Heinle

Our team can accomplish any project you desire for your home. I have great confidence in each individual and I truly trust in their strength and talent:)

In other news...
Our newest project was just installed! Geri contacted me to help freshen up her home. She wished to keep her existing furniture but wanted to brighten up her space with a vibrant white and blue theme. 



New wall paint, a new rug, curtains and custom pillows combined with some fun accessories perfectly accomplished the look Geri wanted.

Thanks for joining us on our new venture!
As always, we are here at the Bungalow to make your dream room a reality!