Ahoy Matey: Sail into our new Nautical Playroom!

{Jones Playroom After}

{Jones Playroom Before}

This may have been the largest one room project that I have been faced with in my career. I'm not going to lie when I walked in the room I had a moment of panic about how I was going to fill it up. The easy part was that my client Amy knew that she wanted an east coast nautical style in red, white and blue.

{ Custom Pillow Beach Bungalow Designs}

This patch-worked fabric was the starting point for the room. We decided that it would be wise to do a dark navy blue linen on the couch for durability with the kids. I paired it with blue stripe chairs and a red stripe rug. I loved the idea of layering the stripe chair on the strip rug for a mixture of patterns.

{Custom Canvas by Lauren Heinle Murals}

I wanted to bring in some playful artwork as Amy's kids are still very young. Lauren painted these custom canvas for me in a sailboat, crab and lobster with fun contemporary patterns behind it. One of my favorite aspects was the bead board wallpaper in the room. We wanted full bead board walls but after getting an estimate on this size room, it was way over budget. My client Amy found this wallpaper on the internet and brought it to me to see if it would work. We went for it! It turned out amazing and to my eye it did not look any different than real wood!!

{ Custom Check Curtains Beach Bungalow Designs}

I knew that Amy would never be opening and closing these curtains as they opened to her back yard and she doesn't need the privacy. Since the fabric was a little pricey, we made cheater panels that appeared to be full but don't actually traverse the whole window. This is area was our art quadrant. We made a custom art table for all her supplies in white. We also paired a Land of Nod playroom table with red Pottery Barn chairs that is smaller for their age right now. Our plan is to put a full table and chair set here in 4 years once they outgrow this one. We added cute red and white ticking cushions that tied to the chairs for a more custom appeal.

{Custom Cubby Unit by Beach Bungalow Designs}
I incorporated this cubby unit with a red bead board back for toys. Amy has a huge storage closet off this room for toys, games etc but I knew some toys needed to be accessible in the actual room. All the bins can be filled with small toys that our children acquire by the masses! The nautical flags spell out FAITH which is very important to the Jones family. I love the meaning behind it and thought it was a nice touch in the room.

{Custom Bean Bags Beach Bungalow Designs}

The custom bean bags were a fun splurge. We took the fabric from the curtains and made  3 bean bag covers for the kids reading corner. Its a great way to get extra seating in the room that is portable. I have a feeling the adults might be stealing them away from the kids as well!

{Jones Playroom}
The media unit filled up the long wall opposite the couch. We placed latterns, picture frames, shells and buoys inside as decorative items. My favorite part is the oars over the media unit. They brought some color to a mostly white wall and made the tall space appear more cozy.  

{Custom Upholstery Beach Bungalow Designs}
I am very excited to share with you this special space! I learned a lot through this experience and I was excited to tackle such a large room and be stretched. Thank you Kyle and Amy!

Just a Mom: The Miracle that Happens Every Moment

{ Caden napping in the store at 2 months}

Here is a fun post from my mom on the Miracle of Motherhood..

I have been working with Tritia for eight years now and looking back there is a central theme to our client's first visit to the store after their baby is born.  The first three months is a shocker.
Yes, that is the truth.  No amount of preparation, reading or thought can completely prepare you for motherhood. There is no other way to put it or escape how shocking the experience of having another human being to be responsible for other than yourself.  It is mind boggling! But on the positive side, it is the most incredible experience of life.  Why else would anyone have ever have another baby? The following tips may help you manage the change a little easier.

  1. If you are so lucky to have family support, take it.  Don’t be a champion.  The first three days you are on a high but will soon hit the wall of tiredness.  A week of help is wonderful to get you on your feet and help you establish a routine.
  2. Remember you are the MOM not the baby.  There is something empowering making your mind up that you are in charge.  Somehow these little beings can sense relaxed control.  Take a step back and don’t be afraid to let them cry a little. Tritia called me in a panic when Caden was 1 month old and said he wouldn't go to sleep and she just needed to take a shower. He wouldn't stop crying and she didn't know what to do. That is the first time I told her YOU ARE THE MOM. Set him down in the crib and let him cry for 10 minutes and take a shower. He will be fine! I could hear the relief in her voice to get the permission she needed to parent. Its invigorating to take some of the control back!
  3. Read some books but you have to find your own technique and rules that work for you.  Every Mom parents with different style.  Try not to compare.  All babies aren’t the same. There is not an equation that works equally for every child.
  4. The new technique of feed, play ,then laying the baby down to fall asleep on their own works. I can remember rocking my first born, Tritia for hours to get her to sleep.  My second I didn't have time and he figured it out much faster.
  5. If you are nursing, pump milk.  It will do you a world of good if you can get a way for a couple hours.  At least to have dinner out or even go to the grocery store without the anxiety of worrying about the baby.   A dinner out with your husband will do wonders for all. I always felt I was a better mother with a little R and R.
  6. Lastly remember even though it seems like forever this will pass so quickly. Take lots of pictures squeeze them tight because before you know it they will be talking and yes walking. Mom's are always concerned that their children are behind.  My line is you never see a mute adult still crawling around.   
I hope you enjoyed my mom's words of wisdom. She often gets to walk mother's through this very thing in our store. I am very lucky that she is a phone call a way or right here for me to ask during my moments of parenting panic still!! Until next time!

"Let Them Eat Cake! " New Marie Antoinette inspired room

{Art For Kids Furniture}
We just finished this room for my sweet client Amy.  Her only request was for the finished product to be "French inspired "with blue walls and paneling. She loved the "Marie  Antoinette" era and wanted her daughter's room to transport you there.

{Marie Antionette 1730}

I found this picture of Marie Antionette that started my process. I knew that Amy wouldn't want it to be formal or uncomfortable for Emmy.  I decided to create a casual elegance through the room that a child would enjoy.

{Bella Notte Linens}

We began with the furniture. We chose a beautiful bed by Art for Kids that had caning detail on it. I paired it with 2 of their French Nightstands but had them add a simple pattern in blue, cream and gold for detail.  Our focal point was the paneling on the walls so we decided to keep most of the room in small patterns in order to not distract. The bedding is a mixture of  all washable textures in petal, silvermist and cream.  All of the patterns I chose are tone on tone and make a subtle statement of elegance. The crown over the bed was painted in cream ,with blue and gold accents, and I used a petal linen with a small stripe for the fabric coming down off the cornice. We placed 2 pink glass lamps with pink silk lamp shades on each nightstand to bring another soft touch of the color pink.

{Custom Pillow by Beach Bungalow Designs}

In the corner, we place a little french chair and used a small silk stripe for the seat. I selected a blue silk pillow with tiny pearls on it. I LOVED this pearl fabric but knew we only could use it sparingly as it probably wasn't practicable  for a toddler's room.  I placed 3 vintage pictures that Amy found above it in the center of the paneling. The pictures were old post cards that added a french flair to our room. The curtains were a soft linen in cream that we added a ruffle to the edge for some femininity.

{Custom Curtains by Beach Bungalow Designs}

This is my 7th year of working with Amy and her husband Kyle. I always enjoy every moment of my time with this family. Her style is identical to mine and she makes my job easy by trusting in the process. I think our working relationship is shown in how well this room turned out. I hope you enjoy Emmy's room and its theme transports you to another time...

The Heart of a Family business!

Tomorrow my oldest Caden turns five! The thought of him turning five made me think of all our memories we have made together in the store. I love owning my little family business and being able to bring my kids to work 3 days a week. When I first got pregnant with Caden, I decided that I would set up a little nursery in the back room and bring him to work with me. If you have to work and own your business, why not bring your kids??? WAY easier said than done and not everyone has their mom to help full time. BUT Caden grew up in the store and we make it work!!

{Caden at the store when he was 6 months}

 He crawled, walked and rode a scooter for the first time at the store. He loves coming here and now Finley 2 years later we can at least contain her inside for an hour. We do have a babysitter because its harder with two but we miss them when they aren't here. There are days that it is literally insane between phone calls, clients appointments and kids needing a snack or having to go potty but I love every minute. Mostly I count myself blessed that I get to parent my kids at work, all while living my dream of being a designer.

{Caden at 3 months with my mom at the store while I'm in an appointment}

{My dad and the kids }

This is a true family business. Seth is constantly tackling every lighting and mechanical problem, my brother is updating the website, my dad comes to help in the afternoons with the kids and gives me words of encouragement, my sister-in-law gives me online marketing strategies, and my mom does just  about everything. This system would certainly fall apart without her and I'm truly grateful that she helps me.

{Snack time!}

Even though I work a lot of hours, even though there are adversities and difficult days, even though I do get tired, I wouldn't trade it! I would like to say a special thanks to you for letting me have this luxury. I know sometimes we make it hard on our clients to pick up items during certain hours because Finley is taking her 3 hour nap in our back room. I know sometimes my kids aren't perfect and they might melt down in the middle of an appointment. I have never felt more acceptance than from you understanding what I'm trying to do!! So thank you for helping me make it work. I know its going to be quiet in a couple of years when they are both in school full time so right now I treasure every manic day that we have...

Vendor of the Month: Jackie Wonders Photography

{ Jackie Wonders ( in the Blue Shirt) on one of our family photo shoots}
Beach Bungalow Designs is proud to introduce Jackie Wonders Photography as our premier Featured Sponsor.  Jackie holds a special place in our hearts as she was one of our very first Assistants at the Bungalow.  After an almost three-year tenure here, she left the store to start her own family and her budding  photography business. We don't see each other often because of our busy schedules but every time we do its full of laughter... and we ALWAYS ALWAYS end up crying tears of joy together. She is amazing friend and an amazing photographer!

Click on our Featured Sponsor Button to learn more about Jackie's booming business and her special offer for Beach Bungalow Designs clients!

Friday Favorites: Teen Dream

{Teen Dream for Sammy Jo}

 I am so excited to share this past installation with you because I never have a chance to show before and after.  The picture below was at our initial consultation appointment for Sammy Jo's room. This little girl was so fun to work with and had a clear picture of  a "dressing room"/glam style that she wanted. The day we installed, her parents kept her home from school. It took Shannon and I over 7 hours to complete...all while she was waiting in her parent's room for the reveal. I cried when I saw her face.. but anyone that knows me knows I cry for just about everything! 

As you can see we re-purposed her drapes, I removed the top sheer floral and the swags to modernize them and make them fit into a pre-teen scheme. We also recovered her lampshades and added the ostrich trim to the top and bottom.  Sammy Jo loves peace signs so Shannon went one of her crazy searches and found an idea that inspired this heart shaped peace sign , which Lauren painted for us.

{Custom Double Bookcase by Newport Cottages}
A major problem in this room was storage. We added a vintage inspired double bookcase by Newport Cottages in an antique silver for the wall beside her bedroom. I  pulled in a circular side table in the same finish on the other side of the bed. I liked the idea of doing a totally different white nightstand, on the other side of the bed, which we found at Pottery Barn Kids to cut down on budget. The fabrics we wanted to use were pretty pricey so we used them for the facing of the pillows and back the pillows in a plain silk that matched. The duvet was a cotton jersey from Target and we added a matching ribbon for a more custom appearance.

{ Custom Headboard and Ottoman by Beach Bungalow Designs}

Sammy Jo wanted a more comfortable bed to lean against so we did a velvet tufted headboard in Hot pink. For more seating, we added the round ottoman at the foot in a polka dot.  Her desk is where we pulled in the white again from the nightstand and found a fun light( Pottery Barn Teen) to pull in the splash of blue from the picture.  The dressing screen was a painted canvas screen that Lauren added a bright pink damask. She used crystals on the edge of the Sammy Jo writing to add some "bling"!
I'm sure this room will last Sammy Jo until she goes off to college.  I loved designing this room for her because I knew she really appreciated everything and was so involved in the process. I love my job!!! Enjoy!!!!

Just a Mom by Lexy

{Tritia age 5}

So excited that my mom will be writing several posts a month about our relationship and encouraging all of us out there who are moms!!

GUEST WRITER:  Alexis Burns ( My MOM)

Look at her, from the age of five or earlier she had a flair for fashion. She loved dress up and designing outfits for her Barbie's to model. Her favorite purchase was tissue paper. She could spend hours cutting designs out and displaying them for me to see. 

We always talked about someday working together in our own store. Her dad would always say that it would happen one day. When Tritia married a boy from Houston after college, I thought for sure that dream was over. I didn't know then that she would move back in 4 years and we would begin the adventure. Her career led us to children's interior design instead of fashion which was surprising by exciting!

We began to plan the store eight hour a day for six months. I will always treasure those hours of decisions and excitement. We laughed, we prayed, and we developed what later became Beach Bungalow Designs.

It is really a mothers joy to see her child not only be gifted in a exceptionally creative way but to watch her be so caring towards her clients. Tritia's true gift is giving to others through her talent. I have watched in amazement at her strength of character and willingness to serve others. Yes, it is her business, but her purpose is far beyond monetary.  She thrives on creation but loves spending hours talking to pregnant moms making them feel like they will succeed with their children.

I don't know what more a mother could ask for... and I have the privilege of  watching each day....

Special thanks to my mom for sharing her thoughts on our relationship. Its so special to be able to work with your best friend everyday and her help is irreplaceable. I'm so thankful! Many more fun posts from Lexy to come!!

Nautically Inspired

{Beach Bungalow Designs Showroom}

 We just remodeled a new venue in our store to reflect a nautical look. I was inspired by all the fashion that has been coming out this summer in navy and khaki. I love the color combination together! Once the fabrics were selected, Lauren painted the background wall as aged bead board with a rope border. We use the dark blue color panel to allow the anchor really stand out against the washed beachy background. 

{Newport Cottages Taylor Changing Table}

  I found these cute bookends to bring a nautical touch to the dresser. My mom found the lamp that complented all our colors but wasn't overly themed. The picture frames brought in the different blue and khaki from the bedding. All pieces are available in different color schemes and themes to match any room styling.

{Beach Bungalow Designs Custom Bedding and Glider}

   Lauren paint nautical flags which we strung on rope over the crib. The flags actually spell put Caden( my son's name).  Don't be afraid to add new colors in that aren't in your bedding but compliment the scheme of the room! The crib bedding is a fresh gingham check in a sky blue/ khaki and the crib skirt is a khaki/blue ticking that is soft but masculine. The panel crib is our largest selling crib for its classic lines and gender neutral look. It is paired with the Taylor changing table which is very functional for storage. The top 3 drawers are deep enough for lotions and diapers. As your child grows it is a perfect transition,  the changing top lifts off and you can repurpose the drawers for socks and undergarments.

{Beach Bungalow Designs Custom Bedding}

The big boy bed is a island style look that I used for my own sons room. It's from Country Cottage and they have a lot of differently designed case pieces that compliment it. I feel the style of bed is timeless and could even work in a guest room once your child is gone to college. The fabrics we used on the bed are a perfect mix of plaids and stripes that can fit with any theme. You could pair this bedding with a transportation, surf, sports or in this instance nautical! We finished off the bedding with a fun modern pillow from Oilio designs.

{Canvas by Lauren Heinle Murals}

My very favorite thing from this venue is this custom canvas by Lauren. It's a vintage diver helmet inspired by the fabrics on the bed. I love the modern touch it adds to a rather classic look that we have pulled together. Stop on by the Bungalow if you are in town to see this new space in person!

Friday Favorites: To Infinity and Beyond!!

{A "Space" for Aiden}

I recently installed this fun space room for my clients Nazli and Kami. They approached me about working with a modeling company from Canada called IDS (Imagination Dental Solutions). IDS specializes in creating unique spaces utilizing cutting edge technology to model whatever your imagination can conjure up. It was a great experience and I'm excited to share with you how we came to this unique outcome!!

{ Curtain Fabric }

The beginning of the color concept for the room was this stripe fabric. We knew we wanted to use an apple green, colbalt blue and steel grey as our foundation colors. We used the combination of orange and yellow to make the planets pop out on the wallpaper. Above the stripe curtain, we re-covered an old cornice board  with the same blue ultrasuede fabric from the chair, with an apple-green contrast piping to match.

{ Drawing by IDS( Imagination Dental Solutions)}
This is the first drawing that IDS (or as we referred to them "The Canadians") sent me.  I colored in the drawing so that IDS could match their room colors with the fabric. Between this drawing and the color swatches they brought the mural/wallpaper to life! AMAZING!!

{Custom Glider by Beach Bungalow Designs}

We added a blue ultrasuade glider and ottoman to compliment the background of the room without taking away from the mural.  The planets beside the chair are actual shelves for my clients to use. The shelves were  screwed at a proper height so my client could utilize the bottom portion as a side table. You also get a glimpse in this picture to the back of the crib where they affixed the rocket portion of the shuttle.

{ Nurseryworks Changing Table and Custom Rocket Armoire by IDS}

IDS created two shelving units out of plexiglass beside the glider. We wanted to use this material through-out the room. We added that material to the window in the armoire and throughout the changing table. The armoire was completely custom built by IDS and is a piece of furniture that Aiden can have as he grows.  The changing table is the one piece that we used "as is". We also re-purposed the grey shaggy rug that was in their guest room. It acted as a neutral and was a soft texture for Aiden to crawl on.

{Space Ship Model  by IDS affixed to Spot on Square Crib }

The crib had two pieces custom molded by IDS that affixed to the crib style that my clients purchased through me. My favorite touch was the "A" on the nose of the shuttle! 

Special thanks to Nazli and Kami for including me in their project.!  I am absolutely certain that Aiden is a very blessed little boy NOT just because of this amazing room but mostly because he is so loved by his amazing parents.They  were a joy to work with and I'm sure that there is no other room out there like Aiden's Space!

A Red, White and Blue Debut

Ava's Red, White and Blue Nursery
Happy July 4th! I am so excited that we can post our newest installation that happens to be red, white and blue-themed!! This project was for my client's, Brian and Martha, and their new little girl Ava. 
The red damask fabric that you see on the curtains and bedding was our starting point for this room.  I decided that since it was such a mature pattern we needed to add some softer touches to make it more whimsical and "nursery" like. We added a small polka dot on the bumper and a soft minky chenille that I'm sure baby Ava is going to love to snuggle into.

{Custom Bedding by Beach Bungalow Designs}
We decided to root a busier curtain with a plain white valance, and added red accents and tiny white pom poms along the hem to make it more youthful. My clients and I thought it would be so fun to add a pop with an all red chair with contrasting sky blue piping.

{Custom Red Glider and Ottoman by Beach Bungalow Designs}
The focal point of the room was the beautiful tree that Lauren painted for them.  I love the whimsical swirls and the simple white background. The crow in the tree is very meaningful to my client. It represents my client Martha's mom who passed away. She told Martha that she would always be watching over her after she passed and to Martha her reminder is a black crow. Lauren placed it in the tree overlooking the crib so she can "watch" over Ava when she is sleeping.

{ Lauren Heinle Murals}
Over the chair, Lauren painted a canvas that acted as part decorative, part camouflage. There was an old tv outlet we need to cover and she came up with the perfect birdcage to help hide it!

{Lauren Heinle Murals}
  Martha and Brian's home was very contemporary so we added furniture that would match their style. Nurseryworks new Abbey crib was chosen with quatrefoil panels with contrasting white lacquer and dark wood frame. For a changing table we went with all drawers as Martha needed the storage room. The top of the changing table had compartments to keep her lotions and diapers organized for her.

{Nurseryworks Abbey Crib and Double Wide Changer}
 Special Thanks to Martha and Brian for choosing me to design their sweet nursery for Ava. I hope they have many happy memories in their nursery. It was a fun red, white and blue debut for our blog. Enjoy!!