Focus on Flooring

Lately we've been branching out from kid's rooms to the entire home, and the focus this week has been flooring. My client Jeri is looking for a flooring that will complement her beautiful exposed wood ceilings and be comfortable enough for her four kid's to run around on. She is also in need of a creative design for her foyer, check out these inspiration photos to see which direction we are heading:

(Jarrett Design, LLC)


After checking out a few amazing flooring showrooms around town, we finally narrowed it down to natural stone tile or a solid or engineered wood floor with a warm stain.

We loved the look of this plank flooring in the store.

This unique hardwood is definitely a favorite, and its rich tones matched Jeri's exposed wood ceilings. 

Stone tiles were Jeri's number one pick, and we all loved the way the variation in the tile matched the ceilings.  The herringbone effect was really unique and could be perfect for her entry way.  Not to mention, stone tile is extremely durable and could easily be used in heavy-traffic areas, including the kitchen, within Jeri's home.

 This flagstone tile was a top choice. We liked the angles of the cuts in the stone to contrast against
the linear beams of her ceiling.

As was this gorgeous honed Travertine. It came in a few different colors, and would blend with whatever style direction Jeri's home takes. Jeri did not want to lay stone in the "versailles" pattern above but loved the color and feeling of the stone. Luckily for us, it is available in different sizes.

While floor shopping, we also came across some great cabinetry inspiration. The dark grey inset into the lighter grey wood paneling really complemented all types of stone flooring. We may be moving towards this direction in her kitchen to give her cabinets a new fresh feeling!

As for an entry way inspiration, a textured wall would be the perfect focal point for Jeri's foyer.
Or, her foyer wall is definitely large enough to support some kind of water feature:
(Norwood Architects)

(Norwood Architects)
This is such an exciting project, especially since Jeri's flooring choice will really help us decide what direction her overall home's style will be. Floor shopping is no easy job, especially with so many different options out there, if you're looking for a little help come visit us over at the Bungalow:)