Closet Envy

{ Pottery Barn Kids}

This was the "inspiration" picture that my client Stacie gave me to transform her closet from typical to a focal point of design in the room. I think there are so many positives to using your closet in this form! If you have a smaller room, you can move your changing table inside the closet allowing for more space for a chair, crib, bed etc.. Build a bookshelf inside your closet, this allows for display shelving that you may not have had room for in the main part of the room. Your possibilities are endless!!
On a budget?? Use furniture pieces instead of having someone create custom units to fit inside. Its all in the details so make sure you accessorize to make the decor come together.

 This space is going to be a Nursery for 2 little girls. A newborn and a one year old. Since the girls are so close together in age, we will have 2 cribs in the room. Thinking we were going to need some space saving ideas, my client Stacie thought the closet would be a good place to build out. 

{Pre-existing dresser}
{Wallpaper selection for back of the closet}
 Once we decided to use her double dresser in the closet. I came up with this silver damask wallpaper to line the back of the closet.  Her color scheme is going to be gray, pink and white so I wanted something with a metallic sheen to reflect light.

{ Mirror shelf for over dresser}

 My client really liked the look of the window over the dresser in the inspiration picture but we didn't have one in the actual space. I found this mirrored shelf that will provide a similar effect!

{ Construction started!}

 This week my client got excited and tore out the closet herself!!.. while she is 8 months pregnant- ROCK STAR!  Stay tuned for the completed product post coming soon!!


A "Knobby" Idea

{Now available at our store}
I am so excited about our new knob line that Country Cottage just sent to us!  I am feeling so inspired to add different knobs to client's pieces as well as my own kids dressers. I think the right knob can completely transform a piece of furniture. Here's some different styles to inspire you..


 I can see this knob on a vintage white dresser in a sophisticated girl or boy nursery. Love the silver pattern and bright pop of color behind it.


 The typical glass knob is no more! There are so many different styles available now then when I first started decorating. Try an oversized version for something different!

 Hand painting knobs is a fun project for you and your child. You can personalize each knob with an initial or take a theme from your room and incorporate it. 

{36th Avenue}
 Step outside the box! These knotted rope knobs are so inspired. I can see these transcending any age or theme. I'm keeping this idea for my next nautical project!!

Enjoy your weekend! and as always we are here at the Bungalow to help you!

Curtain Passion!

{Castaway to Couture}

 If there is one thing that I think should NOT be left out of a kid's room, its a window treatment. It adds a huge design element to the room as well as warming up the space. I consider it a design crime to leave them out unless absolutely necessary! There are many ways to create a window treatment under any budget. Here are some fun ideas for you to splurge or save on!!

{itsy bits and pieces}
Buy a relatively plain curtain and add a fantastic tieback. Purchase a flower and attach to ribbon. OR make your own by bundling fabric together.

Buy or have made a simple white flat roman shade and add a pop of color. Attach a ribbon or colored fabric band around the edge of the shade. Modern simplicity elevated!


This style is a go to for me. When my client is on a budget and wants functional curtains, I suggest buying plain ready-made panels and having us add a fun banding fabric down the sides and around the hem. You can apply the bottom hem fabric in all different sizes ranging from a 2" band to 22".


Splurge! I love a shaped cornice board with curtain panels hanging down. You can make the curtain panels so they are just standing panels which means they don't open and close but still provide a decorative accent. Add a tassle or bobble trim down the hem for a decorative accent.

{Elements of Style}

 Another splurge!! Have a decorative valance made that frames your window. So many fun styles and fabrics can be used. If you have a busier rug or wall pattern its a nice way to add another texture without overwhelming the space with a whole curtain panel of fabric.

Its time for you to finish your space off with a fun window treatment and as always we are here at the Bungalow to help!