Madelyn at The Plaza: A Glamorous Eloise-Inspired Bedroom

 We're just as excited (maybe even a little more!) than Miss Eloise to finally reveal Madelyn's Eloise-inspired bedroom!
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
I'm loving every detail of this room! From the fun pink fabrics, to the sophisticated patterns in the rug- Maddie truly has her very own room at The Plaza:)
(Custom bedding Beach Bungalow Designs)
Designing Maddie's custom Newport Cottages upholstered daybed was tons of fun- and I just love the way her custom bedding looks against the velvet tufted headboard.
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
(Beach Bungalow Designs)

Lauren did an excellent job perfecting Maddie's personal monogram above her bed, and we are loving the alternating stripes she painted in pale pink and light raspberry!
(Custom murals by Lauren Heinle)
(Newport Cottages)
 We used the Beverly Collection for Maddie's bookshelf and dresser, the finishes are just the right colors!
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
(Newport Cottages dresser, Art For Kids Barbie Prints)
For those extra touches of glamour we chose four AFK Barbie prints in gold frames. Then added two smaller frames with bows and rhinestones in a pretty print.

(Beach Bungalow Designs)
An elegant black chandelier and patterned rug help tie the room together and bring out the silk ribbon detailing on the comforter.
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
It was a pleasure creating a room inspired by Eloise and fit for a sweet little girl like Maddie! We hope you enjoyed the final reveal!
Do you have a fantastic idea for a themed bedroom like this one? Come on over to the Bungalow, we're ready to help you get started on your dream room!

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