A Tried & True Nautical Theme Get's a Modern Twist

When it comes to designing a nautical themed room, it can be easy to go a little overboard...Get it? 
Just a little joke to start off our latest post but also a true statement!
For this little boy's nursery I made sure my client had plenty of ocean themed accessories and items in the room, but also gave it a fun twist with unexpected prints and pops of oranges and reds!
Natuical 1

New Arrivals has recently come out with some amazing and bright chevron, polka dot and large stripe prints that couldn't be more perfect for this project.

Next up:  finding classic, clean-lined furniture that echoed my client's style.
Newport Cottages' Panel crib was obvious choice number one, especially because it can be stained to the perfect shade of brown my client desires. Check out the great color on the one here at the Beach Bungalow store:
(Newport Cottages with Beach Bungalow Designs)

The dresser was another quick pick, Newport's double dresser has tons of storage and can be stained to match the crib. 
(Newport Cottages)
For a home run in keeping with our theme and adding another eye-catching storage element into the room, the rowboat bookcase!
(Newport Cottages)
Here's another shot of the bookcase from Chase's Room installation a few month's back; one of my favorite thing's about this bookcase is that even though it's an unusual shape, you still have plenty of space for books and toy storage. 
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
For the rug I wanted something soft and fun with a pop of bright color. This one was absolutely on target!
(The Rug Market)

As far as artwork was concerned, there were plenty of different pieces to choose from. We finally narrowed it down to these selections all from Oopsy Daisy Artwork:

  Loving all the different background patterns and shades of orange, red and blue!

 I can't wait to see the final result of this modern nautical nursery! It's always an adventure deciding which direction the design of the room will take. Is there a new design scheme or look you've always wanted to try? Come on down to the Bungalow and let's test it out!

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