Closet Envy

{ Pottery Barn Kids}

This was the "inspiration" picture that my client Stacie gave me to transform her closet from typical to a focal point of design in the room. I think there are so many positives to using your closet in this form! If you have a smaller room, you can move your changing table inside the closet allowing for more space for a chair, crib, bed etc.. Build a bookshelf inside your closet, this allows for display shelving that you may not have had room for in the main part of the room. Your possibilities are endless!!
On a budget?? Use furniture pieces instead of having someone create custom units to fit inside. Its all in the details so make sure you accessorize to make the decor come together.

 This space is going to be a Nursery for 2 little girls. A newborn and a one year old. Since the girls are so close together in age, we will have 2 cribs in the room. Thinking we were going to need some space saving ideas, my client Stacie thought the closet would be a good place to build out. 

{Pre-existing dresser}
{Wallpaper selection for back of the closet}
 Once we decided to use her double dresser in the closet. I came up with this silver damask wallpaper to line the back of the closet.  Her color scheme is going to be gray, pink and white so I wanted something with a metallic sheen to reflect light.

{ Mirror shelf for over dresser}

 My client really liked the look of the window over the dresser in the inspiration picture but we didn't have one in the actual space. I found this mirrored shelf that will provide a similar effect!

{ Construction started!}

 This week my client got excited and tore out the closet herself!!.. while she is 8 months pregnant- ROCK STAR!  Stay tuned for the completed product post coming soon!!


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