A Grandmother's Gift: Playful Patterns of Blue & Yellow

When Janelle called me to help design her granddaughter Taylor's room, 
I was so excited!
Janelle is a long-term customer and a wonderful person to work with.
We settled on using blues and yellows with more mature patterns, so that when her granddaughter isn't using the space it can easily be transformed into a guest room.  
(Beach Bungalow  Designs)

(Custom pillows Beach Bungalow Designs)
  Janelle wanted to be sure and include some whimsy into the space, so we added youthful artwork to the room. My favorite is the 'Dress Up, Dance, Giggle, Twirl, Play' canvas. All things a little girl should do!
(Custom canvas by Lauren Heinle)

(Artwork by Oopsy Daisy & detailled by Lauren Heinle)
A comfy room like this isn't complete without a custom glider! We used more fun patterns to really make this special reading corner stand out in the room.
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
The large window seat was a huge design feature, so we decided it needed a bright pop of yellow. We mixed the patterns on the pillows for more of the eclectic moment we had going throughout this room.
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
(Custom pillows Beach Bungalow Designs)
The furniture in the room is by Country Cottage and was custom made to our specifications. This beautiful desk was a definite highlight for me.
(Country Cottage Custom Furniture)

(Country Cottage Furniture)
(Country Cottage Furniture)
(Beach Bungalow Designs)
We left the sign that Janelle wrote for her granddaughter posted up near her bed so that she could see it during nap times. Nothing like a grandmother's love!

 We hope you enjoyed this post! As always we are here at the Bungalow to help with your child's room whenever you need us:)

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