We're All About Wallpaper!

Try a new trend: wallpaper! 
I love doing a focal wall or a bathroom in a fun wallpaper, You can go bold, or simple and sweet. The impact is well worth it :)
Try wallpaper with a small, creative print to make even the simplest space in your home- eye catching.
Or, find a vibrant design and color you love- and make a bright corner stand out even more. 
More bold and beautiful shapes and colors! 
 Don't be shy about putting an exciting print in a small bathroom. When you choose the right scale and color scheme, bathroom wallpaper can fit perfectly into your space. 
 Sea Grass wallpaper is a favorite of mine. I love how it lends texture, color and a little shine to the room. 
Nurseries are the perfect place to do a focal wall in a cute print. Who knew dinosaurs could be such an amazing design feature? 

 Here are more examples of how the right wallpaper can completely transform your child's nursery.
Notice how the fabric on the pillows in this room perfectly echo the colors of this wallpaper!
Wallpaper comes in so many shapes and sizes, you can find something to complement anything you like. Even this uniquely beautiful daisy accent light!
 One last look at how at a focal wall with just the right wallpaper can complete the look of a child's playroom:)

The opportunities are endless when it comes to wallpaper, but if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, try a custom painted mural! Our muralist, Lauren, can paint anything you like in just the right color for your space.
As always, we are here at the Bungalow to help with all your wallpaper needs!

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