Creative Storage Solutions for your kids!

Storage is usually the first request I get from any client. In fact I hear the same thing over and over.. THERE IS JUST SO MUCH STUFF!! I have 5 cute solutions for you today that are pleasant to the eye and functional.

{ Decor Pad}

 A typical built in bookshelf ,on each side of a window, can provide you with a enormous amount of storage and is a style that your children can grow with. Place a toy box in between the windows for the younger years..add a cushion to the top during the elementary years for reading.. and then place a desk under the window during the pre-teen years.

Create a whole wall of book racks instead of stacking them in a normal bookshelf.have this very problem. I have so many books that my kids can never find the specific one they want to read. This is a great way to display for more reading pleasure. We are actually building something like this currently in a new client's room using rain gutters. ( Pictures to come soon!)

 We all have baskets everywhere but what about building a unit that you can sit on and the baskets fit perfectly underneath and out of the way. I love this idea!! We have turned bookshelves on their sides to make creating this idea easier than building them from scratch!

{Land of Nod}
This might not be that practical if you are short on space BUT I love the idea of a playhouse for your little girl. Later on you can re-paint the wall and utilize for storage as she grows. I wish I had room for this for little Finley!

This is such a different concept. Build everything floating on the wall to utilize your floor space as much as possible. I really think this wall could work for all ages.  It could be book and art storage now and trophy/ text book storage later. 

Good luck conquering your storage problems at your home!! and as always the Bungalow team is here to help!!

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