Once Upon A Portfolio: Jordyn's Moroccean Dar

{Custom Platform bed by Beach Bungalow Designs}
Once upon a time, there was a little store called Beach Bungalow Designs with 3 little ladies working away. 
One was a wise and beautiful grandma, one was a mommy designer with long blond hair, and one was a very special assistant with a heart of gold..
They all went a decorating in the wonderful fairyland of Flower Hill mall. They waited patiently to work their magic. When along came a mom looking for a very special room for her child. She knocked on the door, and met the three little ladies. With happiness in their hearts, they created a magical room for her sweet child. Here is our selection of the week!!

I love the idea of this room. A low bed like a couch, fun tester over it and a play kitchen to grow with!! My client Nicole came to me wanting to create a space that her daughter could grow but would also work with a playroom.
The bedding is by Serena and Lily and was the inspiration for the whole room. We used their Mosaic Pink and Yellow print fabric for the tester over the bed. We placed a scripted Monogram inside the tester. The bed was a custom built platform so that it was lower to the ground. We then layered the pillows so it would sit more like a couch.

{ Custom Play Kitchen}
We built a custom life- size play kitchen for Jordyn. Lauren painted a mural of a beach scene to make it looked like there was a window over the sink. The bright pink oven was the finishing touch that I think added so much to the room. I would have loved this room as a little girl!!

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