My mom is back once again explaining her second rule of her house that she taught us as kids. I soaked all of this information up for my kids and ironically needed it just today with precious little Finley...

{OK- Well she wasn't always obedient!!}


Who wants to obey rules?? There is just something about rules that makes some of us think they are to break.. There are others that the very thought of breaking a rule goes against everything we know. Webster defines obedience as willing to obey or carry out orders. The key is to help our kids develop willingness! Once they begin to understand the reward from obeying rules they will respond. It's important to reward good behavior by creating reward systems. A good old sticker chart is an easy solution for any reward system and it WORKS!! Tritia uses the sticker chart with Caden for school and it works like a charm but you can also get creative!! One idea  is to create a jar with a saying or scripture verse on it that reminds your child of why they are earning the reward. I would have them sign it like a contract so that they can remember they agreed to the terms! Give a quarter for good behavior earned and take away a quarter for bad behavior. At the end of the week, they have earned the money and can do what they want with it.


Teaching a child obedience is developing a confidence and a skill for them to say no in peer pressure situations. The words because I am your MOM OR DAD just doesn't create a willingness. A freedom is created when your child is obedient on their own, knowing that there is a consequence other than just disappointing Mom and Dad. Teach your children that you can be trusted to have their best interests at heart. If you have created a standard that your children and their friends understand, when they are teenagers it is a powerful protection for them. Lots of children have found themselves doing something they would have never considered because they were never taught the skill of saying NO. The benefit of saying NO to them now teaches them the benefits of saying NO to wrong paths later. I know this sounds a little harsh but it will prove a freedom in your household that you will cherish. Tough love now means SLEEP for you later when teenagers are running around! Who knows anyone who gets all they want or should I say who wants to know them??


I hope you took to heart these words. I know I felt encouraged to continue my journey as a parent teaching my children the importance of obedience. Thanks mom!!

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