Custom Bunk Rooms

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 This weekends conversation with my mother-in-law about designing a bunk room for a spare room she has at her farm inspired this post. I have also had several clients approach me this month to start designing spaces that allow their kids to share a bedroom without taking up all the floor space in the room. I found some really cool ideas and wanted to share them with you. 

{the boo and the boy}
The room above would be great for a pre-teen. There are stairs down the back side, that also work as cubby system for storage in the room. This would be the ultimate place for a sleep over!

I would label this as the perfect playroom. I like the idea of having a space for sleep overs with friends where you can hang out and watch movies or play games. The artistic detailing of the railing on the bunk is one of my very favorite.

This bunk is a great space saving idea. It is a creative use of your blank space under the bunk while still fitting in a bottom bunk bed. Great idea: bottom bunk is a daybed to use for seating during the day.

This modern kids bunk is spectacular! A great look for a toddler transitional room. They have really utilized a sloping ceiling to create the tree. This allows for a lot of open floor space for a toddler to play in.

This rustic barn bunk was what I was thinking about for my mother-in-law's farm. I think the curtains give a child a feeling of their own little space while adding a softer decorative accent against all the wood. The idea of utilizing the ends of the bunk for game, book and toy storage is a great space saver as well.
I can't stop thinking about nautically inspired rooms. I love the colors in this room with the slight nautical accents without being overkill.  What a creative idea to incorporate the structure of the bunk as if you were in a ship!

{Daniel Oakey Interiors}
Loft beds are a different option for your child that provide a space saver without the addition of a bed. In this case, they have utilize the under-space as a mini-play kitchen. As she grows, you can put a desk or make it a reading area. 
I am looking forward to using all these inspiring ideas to create bunk rooms  for my clients. Our custom wood workers can create any design possible. Let us know at the Bungalow how we can help you!!

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