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My mom is back to share her last rule of my parent's home. Tell the Truth.. This was ingrained into my mind.. I was a little story teller and I challenged my mom a lot in this area when I was young. I learned the hard way many times and now its one of the most important things in my life as a mom, wife and business owner.. Honesty..

{ Tritia makes fun of me all the time but this hair cut was very stylish then!!}

The Third Rule ---Tell the Truth

Why is it that we all struggle with telling the complete truth.  Probably  because we all know we are then responsible for our actions.  Fostering truth telling is an art as a parent.  The first step is that we always have to tell the truth ourselves.  Yikes! That's a little hard to swallow but we can't walk a different path then we are asking our children.

This may be to much information.. But I'm a too much information gal. I can vividly remember one time being at the mall around a lot of people and accidentally passing gas ( as we all do ladies) .  Of course I said, “Todd (my son) don’t do that.WELL you know what the truth telling child said loudly,  "That wasn’t me that was you MOM.Embarrassing, yes, but the Truth correct?? 
Tritia always was trying to help others as a young girl.  Once in second grade they needed ice cream for some party.  She proudly announced that her DAD had a ice cream business..  Well that was a long stretch of the truth.   It was a great lesson for her when the school called and asked for ice cream.  Poor kid, she had to go to school and face her teacher with the truth. This is a perfect example that even lying with a good intention never works out.

As parents we must emanate truth at all costs.  There is no option for us or our kids. WE always told our kids if they told the truth no punishment.  Especially, when something happened in school and we heard it from them first and not from others.  Knowing that they always can come to you honestly without punishment fosters open communication with trust.

Unfortunately, telling the truth is learned, lying comes natural.  Take the time to reward telling the truth at a very young age.  We always had even at a young age a no tolerance rule for lying.  Don’t think it was easy at times but explanation of the value of truth really pays off later.  We as a family need to know that we can all trust each other.

Plain and simple “Truth Reigns and the Truth Will Set You Free”...


Thanks mom! A good reminder for us all as we are fostering our children to grown into honest adults. I certainly appreciated it in my own life.

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