The Cake Lady: Happy Harvest

The Cake Lady Mary is back with some fun cupcakes for you decorate for this Fall Season with your children. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Cupcakes

It is Fall and although it is supposed to reach 88 degrees today, I am determined to jump into Fall full force. With Fall comes everything pumpkin…the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie and now you may add pumpkin cupcakes to your list of must haves for Fall!

Follow these simple steps…there are no “tricks” just fabulous “treats” when you finish!

You will need the following items from your grocery store or craft store:
Vanilla cupcakes (I used a box mix)
Vanilla frosting
Orange sugar sprinkles
Orange ready to use frosting with a round tip
Chocolate candies
Green taffy
Lollipop stick or skewer stick

Frost the cupcakes with the vanilla frosting. Turn the frosted cupcake upside down and gently dip into orange sugar sprinkles poured into a bowl. Be sure to cover ALL the frosting with sprinkles.

Use the lollipop stick to make lines in the top of the cupcake as seen above.
Fill the lines with the ready-made frosting with a round tip.

Time for the treats! Open up a chocolate candy and form it with your fingers into a stem like shape. Make the stem extra long as this part will be pushed into the cupcake.

Place the stem into the top of your pumpkin!

Open up a green taffy and pull off a small piece. Shape into a leaf. Use the back of a knife to put a line down the center of your leaf. Place the leaf on the cupcake next to the stem. (I used the lollipop stick to help push the leaf into the cupcake)

You now have a delicious treat to take to any Fall event! Make them alone or with the kids! Happy Fall everyone!

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