Friday Favorites: To Infinity and Beyond!!

{A "Space" for Aiden}

I recently installed this fun space room for my clients Nazli and Kami. They approached me about working with a modeling company from Canada called IDS (Imagination Dental Solutions). IDS specializes in creating unique spaces utilizing cutting edge technology to model whatever your imagination can conjure up. It was a great experience and I'm excited to share with you how we came to this unique outcome!!

{ Curtain Fabric }

The beginning of the color concept for the room was this stripe fabric. We knew we wanted to use an apple green, colbalt blue and steel grey as our foundation colors. We used the combination of orange and yellow to make the planets pop out on the wallpaper. Above the stripe curtain, we re-covered an old cornice board  with the same blue ultrasuede fabric from the chair, with an apple-green contrast piping to match.

{ Drawing by IDS( Imagination Dental Solutions)}
This is the first drawing that IDS (or as we referred to them "The Canadians") sent me.  I colored in the drawing so that IDS could match their room colors with the fabric. Between this drawing and the color swatches they brought the mural/wallpaper to life! AMAZING!!

{Custom Glider by Beach Bungalow Designs}

We added a blue ultrasuade glider and ottoman to compliment the background of the room without taking away from the mural.  The planets beside the chair are actual shelves for my clients to use. The shelves were  screwed at a proper height so my client could utilize the bottom portion as a side table. You also get a glimpse in this picture to the back of the crib where they affixed the rocket portion of the shuttle.

{ Nurseryworks Changing Table and Custom Rocket Armoire by IDS}

IDS created two shelving units out of plexiglass beside the glider. We wanted to use this material through-out the room. We added that material to the window in the armoire and throughout the changing table. The armoire was completely custom built by IDS and is a piece of furniture that Aiden can have as he grows.  The changing table is the one piece that we used "as is". We also re-purposed the grey shaggy rug that was in their guest room. It acted as a neutral and was a soft texture for Aiden to crawl on.

{Space Ship Model  by IDS affixed to Spot on Square Crib }

The crib had two pieces custom molded by IDS that affixed to the crib style that my clients purchased through me. My favorite touch was the "A" on the nose of the shuttle! 

Special thanks to Nazli and Kami for including me in their project.!  I am absolutely certain that Aiden is a very blessed little boy NOT just because of this amazing room but mostly because he is so loved by his amazing parents.They  were a joy to work with and I'm sure that there is no other room out there like Aiden's Space!


Caite said...

Amazing work!

perfi2 said...

Okay, this was totally worth stalking you to find your blog! What a fun project! That room is totally unbelievable!

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