The Heart of a Family business!

Tomorrow my oldest Caden turns five! The thought of him turning five made me think of all our memories we have made together in the store. I love owning my little family business and being able to bring my kids to work 3 days a week. When I first got pregnant with Caden, I decided that I would set up a little nursery in the back room and bring him to work with me. If you have to work and own your business, why not bring your kids??? WAY easier said than done and not everyone has their mom to help full time. BUT Caden grew up in the store and we make it work!!

{Caden at the store when he was 6 months}

 He crawled, walked and rode a scooter for the first time at the store. He loves coming here and now Finley 2 years later we can at least contain her inside for an hour. We do have a babysitter because its harder with two but we miss them when they aren't here. There are days that it is literally insane between phone calls, clients appointments and kids needing a snack or having to go potty but I love every minute. Mostly I count myself blessed that I get to parent my kids at work, all while living my dream of being a designer.

{Caden at 3 months with my mom at the store while I'm in an appointment}

{My dad and the kids }

This is a true family business. Seth is constantly tackling every lighting and mechanical problem, my brother is updating the website, my dad comes to help in the afternoons with the kids and gives me words of encouragement, my sister-in-law gives me online marketing strategies, and my mom does just  about everything. This system would certainly fall apart without her and I'm truly grateful that she helps me.

{Snack time!}

Even though I work a lot of hours, even though there are adversities and difficult days, even though I do get tired, I wouldn't trade it! I would like to say a special thanks to you for letting me have this luxury. I know sometimes we make it hard on our clients to pick up items during certain hours because Finley is taking her 3 hour nap in our back room. I know sometimes my kids aren't perfect and they might melt down in the middle of an appointment. I have never felt more acceptance than from you understanding what I'm trying to do!! So thank you for helping me make it work. I know its going to be quiet in a couple of years when they are both in school full time so right now I treasure every manic day that we have...

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perfi2 said...

Happy birthday to sweet Caden! It has been so fun watching him grow up before our very eyes!

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