Just a Mom: The Miracle that Happens Every Moment

{ Caden napping in the store at 2 months}

Here is a fun post from my mom on the Miracle of Motherhood..

I have been working with Tritia for eight years now and looking back there is a central theme to our client's first visit to the store after their baby is born.  The first three months is a shocker.
Yes, that is the truth.  No amount of preparation, reading or thought can completely prepare you for motherhood. There is no other way to put it or escape how shocking the experience of having another human being to be responsible for other than yourself.  It is mind boggling! But on the positive side, it is the most incredible experience of life.  Why else would anyone have ever have another baby? The following tips may help you manage the change a little easier.

  1. If you are so lucky to have family support, take it.  Don’t be a champion.  The first three days you are on a high but will soon hit the wall of tiredness.  A week of help is wonderful to get you on your feet and help you establish a routine.
  2. Remember you are the MOM not the baby.  There is something empowering making your mind up that you are in charge.  Somehow these little beings can sense relaxed control.  Take a step back and don’t be afraid to let them cry a little. Tritia called me in a panic when Caden was 1 month old and said he wouldn't go to sleep and she just needed to take a shower. He wouldn't stop crying and she didn't know what to do. That is the first time I told her YOU ARE THE MOM. Set him down in the crib and let him cry for 10 minutes and take a shower. He will be fine! I could hear the relief in her voice to get the permission she needed to parent. Its invigorating to take some of the control back!
  3. Read some books but you have to find your own technique and rules that work for you.  Every Mom parents with different style.  Try not to compare.  All babies aren’t the same. There is not an equation that works equally for every child.
  4. The new technique of feed, play ,then laying the baby down to fall asleep on their own works. I can remember rocking my first born, Tritia for hours to get her to sleep.  My second I didn't have time and he figured it out much faster.
  5. If you are nursing, pump milk.  It will do you a world of good if you can get a way for a couple hours.  At least to have dinner out or even go to the grocery store without the anxiety of worrying about the baby.   A dinner out with your husband will do wonders for all. I always felt I was a better mother with a little R and R.
  6. Lastly remember even though it seems like forever this will pass so quickly. Take lots of pictures squeeze them tight because before you know it they will be talking and yes walking. Mom's are always concerned that their children are behind.  My line is you never see a mute adult still crawling around.   
I hope you enjoyed my mom's words of wisdom. She often gets to walk mother's through this very thing in our store. I am very lucky that she is a phone call a way or right here for me to ask during my moments of parenting panic still!! Until next time!

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