House Consultations: What a Privilege!

                         How do you get a room to look like this???


                                             From this...???


If your planning on using our service, the magical answer is a house consultation. We come out to your house, we measure and plan in the actual space giving us a map for the room for our next store presentation.
There is something different about spacial planning for me being in the room versus client's bringing pictures to the store with rough sketches. Sometimes when I walk into rooms for installations without being in the room previously, I think how are we going to fit all this?? or do we have enough to fill the space??  


{AFTER Beach Bungalow Designs}

I also use house consultations to see if we can use any of the items from the old room in the new room. Many clients want to scrap everything and get all new BUT there sometimes are pieces that can work with our new concept that are real gems! We reused this great nightstand and vintage Barbie pictures that my client had already for her girl's room above. It gives my client's a great satisfaction to work with things that they had previously and make them fit in my new design.

My mom always told me that it is a privilege that someone invites you into their home. I always view my visits this way.. so for all of you that have invited me in.. THANK YOU!!

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