Playrooms: Stylish Chaos???

{Glass Playroom- Beach Bungalow Designs}

Let's all be real with each other! This playroom probably is never going to look as good as this day! We all know our playrooms, lofts, dining rooms, side of our family rooms or wherever we have space for our kids junk, never ever stay clean!! Maybe just maybe at 8:30 at night after we have put all the little figures away, it looks good. The room will probably last looking clean until 7:30 am the next day before the cycle starts over.
I think the key to organizing our playrooms is stylish chaos!! You have to have a place to put away from sight all the little things our kids have but still feel like they can mess it up and return it to looking good when guests are around.

{Barry Playroom- Beach Bungalow Designs}
The key piece for any playroom is a cubby unit of some kind. I love baskets because they hide a plethora of ugly!! You can put any combination of balls, dolls, and cars inside and no one knows its not that organized.  My daughter usually dumps and mixes all her baskets and I keep shoving them back in until I organize one time a week... Well lets be real.. One time a month!
My second tip is a fun rug. A rug covers up any stains that are on the carpet and provides a pattern to make a room look more decorated. Its a constant that doesn't have to be put away !

{Jones Playroom- Beach Bungalow Designs}
My third tip is artwork. Use your kids artwork, use book pages, find a canvas... It adds so much to the room and will really help bring your theme together.

{Barnazel Playroom- Beach Bungalow Designs}

My last tip is create stations in the room for your young kids. Here is the reading area, over here is the art area, and this is the kitchen area. Put all the supplies around that area so you stay more organized.
We have decided to reach out to all of you to see if you have playroom ideas that you would like to share for the month of October!! E-mail me at and you might be featured on our new posts "What's in Your Playroom??"
Until next time!

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