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{Tritia age 2}
Another post from my mom on teaching your kids respect in your home...

Three Rules of Our Home

You would think by looking at Tritia's little face in the picture above that she was as easy as pie when she was a  toddler. She was a sweet little girl but those of you that know her know that there is some fire in there too! My next couple of posts will share with you some of the parenting tips I used to help guide her to be the woman she is today. I hope they encourage you in your walk this week as a mom.
As parents, we only had three rules that were the core of our parenting beliefs. They helped us not have to make lists of do’s and don’ts.  We found every situation where questionable behavior is displayed, one of these rules will fit. Steve used to do pop quizs with the kids to see who could repeat them the fastest for fun. I believe these rules were written in their hearts not just in their minds and they apply to their lives now as they are parents.
The three rules are:
1) Respect
2) Obedience
3) Tell the Truth.


Respect is defined in Webster’s as to feel or show honor, or to show consideration.  This is a quality that makes any parent proud.  Demonstrating this quality creates esteem and for them to be respected by others.  If there is respect in the home, they will carry that into school, work and all areas of there life. We tried very hard to never take the side of our child over any adult especially until we knew the entire circumstance.  It is so easy to break down the quality of respect.  WE all need to learn and understand that we are put in situations that we have to respect or honor someone just because of position even if its not fair or right.  WE always allowed them to discuss situations at home but never let the root of disrespect to develop. Begin to develop the attitude of respect.  Talk about it, implant it in there minds and explain it over and over. 

Respect isn’t just towards people it can be taught towards possessions.  Starting at a very young age, children need to be taught to be thankful and take care of their things.  Teach then how hard you work for things as a family and how they are so blessed.  I love it that Caden (Tritia's son) now knows to pray for customers to come in so that he can get a toy or go to lunch. He is understanding that we work for things in life and seeing the value of what Tritia is doing everyday. He is learning to be respectful of her work. There is nothing wrong with saying no or making them wait or earn rewards. I love to spoil my kids but it is also my responsibility to teach them value and appreciation.  I always told Todd and Tritia that life wasn't fair and that our family didn't act as other families. We had a high expectation because much is expected to much is given.  I believe once they learn this important lesson they will be so much happier in life and so much more willing to help others around them. My prayers are with you on this journey of motherhood...


These lessons my mom shared with you were so valuable to my life. I have begun to teach them to Finley and Caden. Its a daily struggle but I will face the challenge!!

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